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Teams Color summary

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You may have seen the color words under each member in his/her profile. you were probly asking yourself why in the word are they labeled in colors ? and what do they mean ?

Its a system of recall :
The reason for it, is simple. If you have ever been on a 3 way call, or cb's or even 2 way radios with more than 2 - 3 people it gets quite confusing who is talking, and who isn't. the color label recall system gives each member, a sense of whos talking and/or requesting, or making a comment or suggestion to another team member.

How it works :
Each position is assigned a color, red, blue, green, gold, yet on C Platoon you knowtice there are 2 more green's ( green1 and 2 ) when communicating - D platoon is the "primary unit" thus no need for a # so for ex. if you hear ( green - Target Rear ) then you know the cover assualter aquired a threat in the rear. How ever if you hear this over your com-
( Green 2 Target rear ) then you know the Snipers Scout aquired that target. Seeing how "he is Green 2" the same system applies for the rest of the team. click on each platoon to see the color scheme for each unit ( located on right - on each platoons home page )

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