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Team get Togethers :
ok everyone, I have had many people ask ( how - or when does your team get together ) Its like this. We normally assemble at least once every Sunday for a couple hours. Depending on each individual team members personal location, we try to assemble at a location some where neutral for everyone ( in the center of everyones location ) so its the same travel time for everyone.

Usually with this in mind, we have each team member scope out areas in the vicinity that can pose for good woodland training/ matches.. as well as abandoned urban/warehouses that we can use for entry, and scenario type training and matches.

All of the members on the team, have to be at an understanding, we try to work as a family, work with everyones schedules, also stick together on what ever we can on team and in personal life. Not only are we an elite unit on field, we also aim to be close friends off field.

if you are interested contact me and we can get your initial process Started

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Lastly - it costs NOTHING to join - simply have to buy own equipment, but its free, I assmebled this team for people interested in military or being on a swat team as a career.. we look at it as pre-emptive training before we work for the real deal