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The element leader is much like a quarter back/coach combined. his job is to make the important decissions in the team, decide how the team should engage, and over all give proper orders at the right times to direct the team to complete the mission.
( covers direct front/semi left front/semi right front )

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Point Man

The Guide assualter is merely identical to the Element leader, except he dosnt give any commands except for what he needs. The guide assualters job is to directly assit the element leader in entry, and may often take lead over the Cover Assualter as backup for split team entry ( Covers left /Left Front )

Guide Assualter :

2nd Man


Gunnery Support

Guard Assualter :

4th Man

Rear Defender

The Cover Assualter is the 3rd man in the line. He is also known as the support gunner. His primary job is to provide adaquit cover- while the El, and Gud are securing rooms. The Cover assualter often poses as a full automatic sniper, and is usually the weapons specialist. The cover assualter has alot of responsabilties and has to maintain good accuracy.
( covers right/right front )

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 The guard assualter is last ( 4th ) in line. he is also known as the Teams Defender of the group. his primary job is to solely defend the teams rear while they advance. he is also a demolitions member, who handles the breaching, and heavy arms. While the team is moving forward, he is often walking backwards making sure the team dosnt get ambushed.
( cover's direct rear/semi left rear/semi right rear )