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Special operations reconnaissance team

 D Platoon - Assualt Team

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  As you well know swat is broken down into platoons, and positions. The Most extensive aspect you must focus on is the teams foundation to work together. Each and every member of the team possess great skill/or is trained in such. In the end what matters the most is the teams trust and communication towards each other.
In order to be a quick moving, elite team, you must first be an open direct communication team. Action starts with trust and with that trust you build a foundation knowing you can count on each and every member 100% without doubt. Once you establish that your ready for even the biggest challenges.
Each element is led by an element leader who directs the tactical deployment of the team. Element leaders must have a thorough understanding of all team positions and the ability to make quick, effective decisions under pressure.

Team members always cross-train and specialize in other areas besides those demanded by their position within the element. In order for the element to function flawlessly as a whole, each officer must thoroughly understand and execute his own individual duties.

SORT Clear Logo
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